Koonda Lat Pipe Bridge Crossing Merri Creek

Koonda Lat Pipe Bridge Crossing Merri Creek

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Darebin Council Elections and the Rucker Candidate Scorecard

Here come the Darebin Council elections, and not a moment too soon! In the wake of all the dodgy business with two of our three current Rucker councillors (Steven Tsitas and Oliver Walsh, not standing this election), it's more important than ever that we elect councillors committed to open, informed, ethical and responsible governance of local affairs as our representatives.

As with the last Council election, there are a group of "dummy" candidates channelling votes through to a lead candidate - Ash Verma appears to be a key recipient of these.

The Darebin Community Network have mapped preferences and consulted Rucker candidates on their key platforms for change in Darebin, in addition to extensive background checks on past performance and behaviour. This has been brought together into a super-helpful scorecard, provided below for your reference. Read it carefully, compare against the postal voting packs you'll receive next week in the mail, and be sure to vote for a candidate with integrity - State government is eyeing a compromised Darebin with great concern, and we urgently need people we can trust with our City's future if we are going to keep local affairs in local hands.

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