Koonda Lat Pipe Bridge Crossing Merri Creek

Koonda Lat Pipe Bridge Crossing Merri Creek

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Winter Festival of Roadworks

Well, after an energetic flurry of emails, Council motions and site meetings I think everyone's basically on the same page at last.  In brief, there's now a shiny new slow-point/speed bump on Bridge Street, there's no slow-point/speed bump on Union Street, two pedestrian crossings/speed bumps/"wombat strips" are to be installed across South Park Street from the Station entrance and the courtyard adjacent will be a mixture of paving, plantings and bike hoops.  Changes ahoy!

Meanwhile, we have gas.  Yes, roads, paths and nature strips are being torn up as we speak to replace all the gas pipes, most of which are getting very long in the tooth.  You might have noticed some of the shenanigans up on the park land adjacent to South Park Street, a popular site for illegal dumping:

Worry not, for this is the work of Nunzio from the gas company, who assures me they have a permit to use the land as a depot while these works are underway, and will clean everything up spick and span when they're done.  In fact, it seems Council will be installing bollards along the roadside after Nunzio and his team are through to prevent future dumping activity.  Sounds good.