Koonda Lat Pipe Bridge Crossing Merri Creek

Koonda Lat Pipe Bridge Crossing Merri Creek

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Commencement of Demolition Works - Removal of Asbestos Roof

Hello all,

Latest is that the hoardings/temporary fencing is due to be erected this coming Monday, 17 October to seal off the site for demolition works.  This is likely to take a couple of days, and is still subject to a Council permit, so we're looking at the enormous asbestos roof starting to be removed by around next Wednesday or Thursday.  We're awaiting advice from the contractor, Australasian Technical Services, as to the specific method to be employed.  We're assured hygienists will be involved and monitoring equipment will test for airborne particles at the perimeter of the site.

I'll forward more detailed correspondence to those living immediately adjacent to the site.  Meanwhile, if you'd like more information, just email us.